Nov. 28, 2020

Aligning Data Strategy and Business Strategy

Aligning Data Strategy and Business Strategy

Ryan chats with Sarbani Bose, Managing Director at Ei Square® Ltd., about effective data strategy and management.

Well-managed data serves as a single source of truth for driving business efficiencies and results. In this episode, you'll hear from Sarbani Bose, Managing Director at Ei Square® Ltd., about how to align people, process, technology, and culture to build a robust data strategy that supports organisational goals.

The ei²® team is a niche consultancy who best works in big companies and small to medium enterprises. Their Team have many years’ experience in providing solutions to business problems – from Data Strategy, Big Data Analysis, Insights and Reporting, Performance and Systems/Data Integration, Business Intelligence, Development, Solutions Design, Quality Assurance and Testing. They have worked in a wide variety of industry sectors including postal and media licencing, investment banking, telecommunications, travel, defence, manufacturing, retail, finance, HR, Legal, Housing, Pharmaceutical and Education.

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Sarbani Rose

Managing Director, Ei Squared Ltd

Sarbani Bose has 20 years’ corporate experience around
digital transformation, specially around data analytics
and using data smartly. Most recently, before starting Ei
Square 18 months ago, she was at Virgin Media and
part of a multi-million-pound transformation team
delivering business intelligence improvements across a
wide range of customer-facing departments.
As Managing Director of Ei Square she assists
companies with their data strategy by bringing silo data
sources across different departments into a single
platform keeping the focus on the business strategy.