Nov. 10, 2020

Goodbye, 9 to 5. Hello, Flexible Workspace!

Goodbye, 9 to 5. Hello, Flexible Workspace!

Aligning technology and culture to enable flexible work, a holistic digital approach to connecting with customers during the pandemic, and more on this episode of Digital Workspace Works.

Join Ryan and Heather for an interview with Alex Clifford, director of Logic Digital. 

Topics include:
  • Logic Digital's use of Microsoft Teams for internal and client communication
  • Why creating a flexible workspace requires the right technology and culture
  • The role of AI in digital content
Alex has worked in the digital industry for over 20 years in both large and small agencies leading account teams in the development of digital products as well as strategic and transformational projects for clients across sectors. Over the last five years, Alex built his own digital agency in the UK with a small development team in India. His agency, Logic Digital, helps clients develop or optimise their digital channels to increase their presence, authority, and business growth. Core to the development of Logic Digital is engagement with apprenticeships and education.

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Books mentioned: The 4-Hour Work Week (affiliate link), The Shift: The Future of Work Is Already Here (affiliate link)
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Alex Clifford

Director Logic - Digital

With over 20 years of agency experience, my client-side experience includes the Public Sector, Telco, FMCG, Retail, Education, Utilities, Finance and Banking, Transport & Logistics working for organisations such as the UK’s Police Forces, Alstom, Thales, Baxi, Enterprise Inns, RBS, Simple, Vodafone, Olympus, McDonald’s, Ed-excel, NEC Europe, London Underground, E.ON, Islamic Bank of Britain, Flair Plc, lLEX, Mills & Boon, OUP, Sport England, VTech, Wolseley and Zurich.