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Dan Sherrard-Smith

Founder & CEO at MyMotherTree.com

Dan is the founder of MotherTree (MyMotherTree.com). Previously, he was on the founding team of Look After My Bills (Y-Combinator backed, best ever deal on Dragons' Den, successful exit to GoCompare in 2019). MotherTree runs a carbon calculator for your money - for instance, £5k in a current account with Barclays generates almost 1.5 tonnes in CO2 emissions per year. He's on a mission to make it effortless for people to choose the green option in all life's choices.

Nov. 15, 2022

Going Green with Your Finances

This week, Ryan chats with Dan Sherrard-Smith, CEO and founder of MotherTree, a free service to discover the climate impact of your bank.

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