Dominic Kent

Director of Content Marketing & Communications at Mio

I'm a Freelance Marketing Consultant for hire.
I specialise in creating and optimising B2B SaaS content- with a niche focus on Unified Comms, Team Collaboration, and Contact Centre.
Most recently, I've recently taken the Mio blog from 600 monthly blog readers to consistently hitting 200,000+ blog readers, all while delivering enterprise and SMB leads at scale.
I host the UC Influencers podcast ( where I post a weekly interview with the most influential people in the Unified Comms industry.
HOW I’M DIFFERENT: I've done it all before. I'm not just a marketing person winging it.
I've provisioned, project managed, been a customer, done some tech support, assisted sales teams, created product collateral, advised on strategy, ran procurements, hand-held installations, written copy, edited copy, set product marketing strategies, devised editorial calendars, been a journalist, created bespoke content, ran teams, ran websites, and now run content marketing and communications in the evolving telecoms industry.
You will get the biggest bang for your buck if you hire me to do a combination of the following: research, manage, execute, and optimise content. This could be existing content that needs an overhaul, a lead magnet blog post, or a brand new content strategy and editorial calendar.
Content Marketing, Content Strategy, Copywriting, Editing, SEO Optimisation, Influencer Marketing, Social Media, Market Analysis, Inbound Marketing, Journalism, Reporting, Blogging, Unified Comms, Team Collaboration, Contact Centre, Slack, Microsoft Teams.

July 20, 2020

Inbox Detox

Lessons learned after a month of trying to replace email with other forms of digital communication.

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