Jed Ayres Profile Photo

Jed Ayres

CEO, IGEL Technology

Jed Ayres, IGEL’s Global CEO, is widely recognized for
the transformational impact he is making on the end
user computing industry, as well as the instrumental
role he has played in IGEL’s pivot starting in 2016 from
a hardware-centric to a software-first company.
Ayres brings more than 20 years of technology
experience to IGEL and has a wide range of industry
experience across workspace management,
virtualization and mobility.
Previously, Ayres held senior management positions at
MegaPath, Rhythms NetConnections and GE Capital IT
Solutions. He has also held a number of advisory board
positions, including Citrix Platinum Council, VMware
Global Partner Advisory Board, Hewlett Packard
Partner Marketing Advisory Board and the Cisco
Marketing Council.
Ayres holds a BS in Business Administration from
Sonoma State University and an MBA from San
Francisco State University. An avid swimmer, biker
and runner, Ayres successfully completed six full
Ironman races and several ultramarathons. He resides
in Marin, California.

Nov. 2, 2020

Is 2020 the Year of VDI?

We interview Jed Ayres, CEO of IGEL, about the magic of IGEL OS, how their Disrupt events went virtual, and what's in store for 2…

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