Roly Walter

CEO & Founder of Appraisd

Roly is the founder of Appraisd, an employee performance management system that is unique in aiming to help managers get the best from their team members.
He has built Appraisd from his garden shed to a global business with £1mm ARR. He has so far avoided external investment, worried that it would get in the way of his family life but also wanted to prove that you could build and scale a SaaS business through customer revenue.

He is fascinated by what it means to be a manager – why middle management has become a dirty word, why management is seen as inferior to leadership, how managers also need to be coaches, mentors as well as holding their team members to account.

Roly says it’s hard to be a manager, and this is what drives him to build tools to help.

Oh, he also loves to regularly embarrass his two kids by playing guitar for their school’s Dads Band.

Nov. 15, 2021

Rethinking Performance Management for Anywhere Work

This week, Ryan chats with Rory Walter, CEO of Appraisd, a simple and intuitive online performance management system.

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