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Simon Clifford


Ability to see the big picture of complex technology environments, finding the sweet spot to drive transformational change.
This mostly involves harnessing data, through cloud compute with AI and ML.
Currently driving innovative projects in Policing, including Digital 101, and Cyber Alarm.
Drawing on over 20 years experience of leading digital projects. - Twitter: @simonaclifford
Specialities: Digital strategy, ArtificiaI Intelligence, Machine learning, Cloud, Serverless, Transformational Change, Project Development, Stakeholder Engagement, Disruptive Innovation, Blue Ocean strategy, Public sector, Commercial engagement.
Subject Areas: Cyber, Cloud, Data, AI/ML, Bots, Analytics, Digital Engagement, Wardley Maps

Aug. 23, 2021

Building a Map to Navigate Digital Challenges in Policing

Wardley mapping, IT challenges in policing, and the importance of getting things done

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