May 6, 2020

Digital Workspace Works Teaser

Digital Workspace Works Teaser

This podcast has been our goal for a long time - too long, in fact! We have been hard at work getting the various bits and pieces together and are now ready to release.

This first episode is a teaser. It overviews to what is coming, and who could serv

Hello I’m Ryan Purvis your host for this podcast series and I’m joined by Heather Bicknell our producer and editor.
Together and with the assistance of experts we’ll unpack the Digital Workspace. The broad term - Digital Workspace - for the ecosystem that blends people, process and technology so that work can get done.

The ever evolving digital workspace consists of many moving disjointed pieces that need to work together in harmony to enable the user with seamless and highly effective end user experience.

The target is the digital workspace nirvana, a seamless integrated workplace which allows a user to get their work done, any time, any where and on any device.

Who is this podcast for? Digital workspace advocates, leaders, and visionaries looking to share and learn from industry experts, get inspired, and find new ways to make the digital workspace work!

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