Amanda Brock

CEO at OpenUK

Leading the UK's organisation for the business of Open Technology, open source software alone contributes up to £41billion per annum to the UK economy/ GDP.
Digital leader, writer and international keynote speaker, experienced in a range of disruptive technologies, digital transformation and open technology strategy. Influencer interested in advisory, board positions and consultancy.
Sectors/ Verticals: Software; Open/Commons; MNO; OTT and Digital; Operating Systems; Apps; ISP; SOC; OEM ; AI; IoT and Wearables; Data Centres; E-business and Retail; Automotive; Fashion; Fintech and Financial Services.
International: Europe and CIS since 2000; US since 2004; Asia including Taiwan and China since 2008; and emerging markets including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Algeria, Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia.
Additional Skills: Litigation and Risk management ; Corporate and IPO; Compliance and Regulatory; HR Director; Legal Operations; Defensive IP Collaboration; Cross Enterprise Collaborations and Founder.

Sept. 20, 2021

Developing Open Source Skills in the UK | OpenUK's Upcoming Kids Camp…

Diving deep on open source technology and education in the UK.

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