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Jacqui Rigby

Helping businesses to solve customer problems through bringing together people and tech; building a culture of agility to thrive

Jacqui has more than 20 years’ experience in transformation, marketing and product often with significant P&L responsibility. She has worked at Exec level for 15 years and held 2 company Board Director positions.
Jacqui led the revival of Co-op Funeral Planning, taking it from number 3 to number 1 in the market within 18 months and growing the business by 550% over 5 years. At Co-op Legal Services she defined and led a £50m programme of change across the operating model to disrupt the legal market and deliver a market-leading customer experience. At Appreciate Group, Jacqui re-directed the business strategy and led digital product innovation to support the market shift from physical to digital products for gifting and rewarding, introducing ways of working, thinking, behaving and a culture to support business agility
For the past 6 years, through interim and consultancy roles, Jacqui has worked with business facing complex strategic change agendas, bringing clarity, alignment and pace to decision-making to deliver transformational change, improving customer, people and commercial outcomes.

Dec. 21, 2020

How to Succeed with Agile + Embracing Uncertainty

Ryan interviews Jacqui Rigby, Founder and Director of Rigby Pollitt Associates, about the benefits and pitfalls of implementing an agile methodology

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