Gemma Rubio Rodrigo

Connecting the dots | Diversity & Inclusion | Communication & Marketing Strategy | Speaker

Communication is my fuel, and behaviour is my motto. I love creating and bringing ideas to life.
I’m passionate about communication, marketing, and UX with more than ten years’ experience, and connecting people since I can remember.
Good marketing, UX, and good relationships come from collaborations. I’m excited to start a visual dialogue, learn about your customers and make something beautiful together, helping your company to improve the way you communicate the value of your products and/or services to the world.
What do I do?
I help you to transform your business into a brand people love. Always putting humans first and building digital products that solve real problems for people. I bring intention, creativity, and emotions to the experience. I help you optimize your business with a focus on marketing, turning vision into accomplishment and delivering innovative solutions to forward-thinking organizations like yours.
Help you adapting your products or services to different markets, giving you advice not only from the professional point of view, but also raising the level of cultural awareness, and focusing on the behavioral and interpersonal subtleties of each of the countries; communicating in each country, on the way their inhabitants do, making it easier for you to penetrate new markets successfully.
Besides, I love good food, coffee, photography, travel (I love it!!), to organize meetings & events, to connect people and to have fun!! #AlwaysPeopleFirst #TogetherIsBetter
Role Model Women in Tech 2019 #WiTNL

July 12, 2021

How to Build a Brand People Love

Want to stand out in a crowded market? Start with human connection.

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